Optimasi Plugin WP Super Cache di Nginx Web Server

Hello mas brot, lagi2 artikel ini hanyalah kopas mentah2 belaka karena memang ogut sangat tidak pandai bikin artikel, apalagi tutorial xexexexexex….

Bagi yang ga ngerti apa itu web server, nginx, ssh lan konco2ne mending ga usah baca artikel ini, dari pada nanti malah pusing, klemun2, terus mutah :v

Okelah kalo begitu, karena 2 paragraph di atas saya sudah yakin sangat unik sekali karena memang hasil pemikiran sendiri, jadi mari kita masuk ke Kopas 😀

Standard WordPress-Nginx configuration with WP Super cache support:

As you are getting into Nginx, I hope you don’t need my help with configuring WP Super Cache plugin.

Still, make sure you are using “Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files. (Recommended)” option under “Advanced” tab.

Following configuration supports:

  1. Static Page Caching using Disk
  2. Direct browser cache for static content like images, js, css, etc



To simplify configuration, I haven’t added Mobile user agent checks. We are in the iPhone era where finally phones are getting smart. So there is no need to create separate mobile site, when you can cater to today’s iPhone/Android devices using responsive designs.

Don’t Forget:

Always test your Nginx configuration and then reload it. All changes to Nginx config must be followed with these commands:

Important Note:

WP Super Cache caching will conflict with plugins that uses query vars. WooCommerce is an example known plugin known to work with above configuration. Reason is following line: 

It doesn’t passes $args to /index.php. If you set last try_files argument to /index.php?$args as with other WordPress-Nginx configuration, WP Super Cache, itself will break!

if you get error like this “Mod rewrite may not be installed” just install this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/nginx-helper/ the remove the error

Artikel ini sepenuhnya diKopas dari –> https://rtcamp.com/wordpress-nginx/tutorials/single-site/wp-super-cache/